Monte Bravo

Monte Bravo is a financial investment company accredited by XP. Located in the main centers such as Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and Goiania, today it advises a portfolio of 2,500 million reais, with more than 5,000 clients at its base. One of the founders of Monte Bravo, Filipe Portella, hired UBISTART to solve an internal pain in their processes: the use of many spreadsheets to calculate the financial transfer to the company's partners and agents. Through a process mapping service, we understood the step-by-step that Monte Bravo performed and created a future process with the application of a web system, in which the service that took 3 business days to complete, began to consume 10 minutes.

Filipe Portella
Founder at Monte Bravo Investments

"We had a serious problem that consumed a lot of time in the internal operative activity of loans. This made it impossible for us to look and act more in the tactical and strategic approach of the company. Hiring UBISTART, in addition to solving, showed us a reinforcement to map and automate operational processes. it is crucial for the growth of a healthy business."

BUSINESS__ Because it is a 100% customized online system, the first step of this project was a dive with the client to map the entire process that was performed in the calculations of income and transfers. For this, it was also necessary to understand the current business rules of the spreadsheets that were used and how it was intended to build future rules. The application of the new process to a web system has allowed us to track the movements and also establish objectives of commercial closure, which provides not only ease of operation, but also opportunities to evaluate strategic data.

TECH__ For the construction of this web system, one of the fundamental criteria was data security, because after all, it is financial and confidential information. For this, we use a cloud service with data and traffic encryption, access control and multilayer application for the API. In addition to the constant security updates of the Amazon AWS cloud service. And for the language / framework we use .Net for Back End and Angular.js for Front End, which allows future improvements because they are easy to maintain and apply.

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