N2B is a Startup from São Paulo that offers, through a web system, nutritional support for employees of large companies. Today it is growing and has participated in acceleration programs such as ACE, Albert Einstein Hospital and Google LaunchPad. N2B hired UBISTART to develop a web system that involved the commitment to both the final public and the companies that hire its service. We used our UX design experience to create an easy-to-use and gamified interface. In addition to all the commercial rules that we apply in the programming language, N2B could position itself in the market and interact with its audience. Using an agile methodology was essential for this project.

Cesar Terrin
CEO at N2B

"UBISTART was fundamental at the beginning of our business. When we didn't have a structured development team to meet our demand, UBISTART became our partner and allowed us to grow rapidly."

BUSINESS__ To create an user-friendly and gamified interface, we performed a benchmarking step, in which we analyzed tools and platforms such as Duoling, Chess.com and various applications that provided an interactive user interface. This allowed us to advance more assertively in the development of the design and relate to the audience that N2B was looking for.

TECH__ From the beginning of the construction of technology, we seek before developing any tool to understand in aspects of language what could accelerate the delivery of N2B. With this we define the use of the AMAZON cloud environment, the use of the Angular Front End frame and the use of the Laravel PHP framework for the Back End. Speed ​​and flexibility is something that is directly related to the life of a startup, and we are committed to it.

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