SIMPLO (Autotronic Objective Information System) is a company with more than 25 years of experience in the field of technical information for automotive and agricultural vehicles. Today, with approximately 20,000 clients, providing services to all Brazilian states and some Latin American countries, its objective is to provide technical digital information in a simplified and complete way for all through an easy-to-use system. Get more information about SIMPLO by clicking here. Before hiring UBISTART, SIMPLO offered a software that had to be installed on the PC, difficult to maintain and with updates for the end customer. UBISTART has entered into a process of mapping the requirements of this system and remade it to work on the web, allowing scalable maintenance, a new user experience, call strategies for the sale of new services and something crucial to the clients. SIMPLO could use the system on tablets and smartphones, since it is now a responsive and easy to operate system.

Magnum Gobbi

"We wanted to migrate our old platform to a current language that would allow the company to grow safely. So we worked with UBISTART to achieve this goal."

BUSINESS__ To develop the entire platform in a web version, we initially focused on understanding the company's business rules and processes. This allowed the transition of the platform to be healthy and well planned. In addition to the agile methodology, which delivered a piece of software in each 15-day sprint for the client to evaluate, quickly aligning communication with our development team.

TECH__ Because it is a 20-year-old company with a portfolio of 20,000 clients, data migration planning, business rules and infrastructure were fundamental to the project. For this, we use a cloud service with data and traffic encryption, access control and multilayer application for the API. In addition to the constant security updates of the Microsoft AZURE cloud service. And for the language / framework we use .Net for Back End and Angular.js for Front End, which allows future improvements because they are easy to maintain and apply.

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