Easy Delivery

Easy Delivery is a restaurant and market tele-delivery startup that already operates in 15 cities, including Florianópolis, Porto Alegre and Curitiba. Its creator and founder sought differentials that the large delivery platforms do not deliver, to gain the due prominence in its business.

Easy turned to Ubistart to build the entire application from scratch. The biggest challenge would be understanding the business and the user experience. From there, we started the planning and development process for the project.

Initially, we performed the Planning stage (planning and feasibility), with the objective of deepening the understanding of the business and the requirements for project development, as well as the initial layout. At the end of this stage, we have allocated a multidisciplinary team to guarantee the expected delivery.

Gizele Teles Aguirre CEO “I looked at Ubistart for a company that could make the delivery project I wanted feasible. It was not easy! Many technological challenges during the process made everything difficult. But, in the end, the company promised to deliver the combined with quality! ”

Today, Easy Delivery is already in operation and has the platform that Ubistart developed, to bill and provide the project's growth even more. The client counted on our support, including the creation of the brand, where we developed a unique identity and user experience project.

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