Wiser (Wise Up)

Wiser Educação is a holding company, which owns 100% of the brands Wise Up and Number One. This happened thanks to the union of two entrepreneurs in the language segment in Brazil: Flávio Augusto and Carlos Wizard, precisely because they believed in the Brazilian market and in the talent of new generations.

Wiser needed the allocation of professionals to the new digital opportunities areas of the holding company and sought support from Ubistart to carry out the recruitment and selection process, using the outsourcing model.

Ubistart made itself available to Wiser and started the recruitment and selection process, culture analysis, technical and behavioral interviews to find the right professionals for the demands of innovation at Wise Up Online, Meusucesso.com, among others.

Andriele Santos Product Management "Ubistart is a partner company, which supports us in critical moments and brings agility to the resolution of projects. We are building a great story." (Andriele Santos - Product Management Wiser education)

Today, Ubistart continues to be a strategic partner for Wiser, supporting the holding company in the daily challenges of allocating professionals to mobile, web and systems demands.

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