Hisnek is part of a group of around 200 startups that constitute the largest entrepreneurship center in Latin America, CUBO Itaú. The startup is responsible for developing an application with a virtual assistant that follows the user's journey in search of balance and well-being. The platform is contracted by companies, who make it available to their employees.

Hisnek's main need was the improvement and creation of new functionalities in the administrative part of the platform, which acts as a virtual assistant to identify emotional imbalances and mental pathologies that cause impacts within the work environment.

Ubistart's first step was to refine the agile process for the execution and delivery of sprints every 15 days. In this way, it was possible to develop the new features and improvements needed in the platform, whether in layout or in its own operation. For this, a mobile developer, a backend, a test analyst and a business analyst were used.

Carolina Dassie Afonso CEO We turned to Ubistart to help us develop new features for our digital platform. Our challenge was to build a team of developers and Ubi helped us with full force.

After the work was done, the platform had a layout change, bug fixes, and a tagging was done to generate metrics. The refinement of the agile process also enabled the reduction of communication noise between the team during the project.

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