Monte Bravo

Monte Bravo is a financial investment advisory company, accredited by XP Investimentos. Today, it is located in major centers such as Porto Alegre, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and Goiânia and is the only company in the segment in Brazil, to be awarded 4 times as the highest NPS (Net Promoter Score) index, methodology that assesses the level of customer satisfaction worldwide.

One of the founders of Monte Bravo, Filipe Portella, hired Ubistart to solve an internal pain in its processes: many spreadsheets were used to calculate the financial transfer to the company's partners and agents. By mapping its processes, we were able to understand the step-by-step that Monte Bravo performed and built a web system. Thus, the service that used to take 3 business days to perform, started to be executed in just 10 minutes.

As it is a 100% customized online system, the first stage of this project was an immersion with the client, in order to map the entire process that was performed for the calculations of revenue and transfer. In addition, it was also necessary to understand the business rules that were used in the spreadsheets and how the customer wanted to build the future rules.

Filipe Portella CEO "We had a serious problem with the time consumption of the internal onlending operational activity. Hiring Ubistart showed us that mapping and automating operational processes is crucial." (Filipe Portela - Founding Partner of Monte Bravo Investimentos)

By applying the new process to a web system, Monte Bravo was able to maintain a history of movements, in addition to being able to establish commercial closure goals, with easier operation and visualization of opportunities in the evaluation of strategic data.

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