Since 2000, SENFF is dedicated exclusively to card management. It has been recognized by major retail institutions for the excellence of its products that respond precisely to market demands and offer benefits that generate satisfaction for its users.

Senff's objective was to develop an App to facilitate the transaction management of the institution's customer tenants, with the possibility of generating greater engagement with and new business opportunities.

Senff turned to Ubistart to develop the project in the closed scope model. With an initial planning stage, the technical plan and initial layout of the App was structured for a pre-validation before the start of development. With this, the project followed the premises previously developed and the performance of functional tests with retail customers.

Fábio Pereira Systems Coordinator "We look to Ubistart to support us in new software developments. This project represents something big for the company, and together with Ubi, we managed to reach the defined goal!"

Today the application has several functions such as: store balance and statement; Notifications; credit advances; detailed statement of sales; simulation of sales before the realization and even control of receivables. All this enabling a range of management for its retail customers.

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