Grupo Servopa was founded in 1955, operating in the car, truck, motorcycle and consortium dealership segments. It also offers services directly linked to the automotive sector and today is among the largest and best groups in the country.

Servopa approached Ubistart to develop a mobile application that could facilitate the registration process and test drive scheduling at its dealerships, for potential customers.

Ubistart used its planning process, understanding customer demand, to build a solution that would generate value and cut down on day-to-day bureaucracy. Thus, the application would allow the organization of the queue for the test drive, registration of information, signature of the responsibility contract, and verification of the situation of the customer's CNH, providing an automation of the process through the developed tool. The application could also be used by several vendors at the same time, avoiding unnecessary waiting by both professionals and customers.

Celina Hara IT Manager “We have the support of Ubistart to solve an operational problem in our daily lives. With the application developed, we facilitate the test drive scheduling process for the customer. ”

With the functional and operational application, Servopa now has the mobile facility for the day-to-day life of the concessionaires, allowing for a faster, organized and less bureaucratic process. That way, salespeople can better enjoy the moment of sale, with more agility and efficiency.

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