SIMPLO (Autotronic Objective Information System) is a company that operates since 1993 in the area of ​​technical information for embedded electronics. Currently, it serves all Brazilian states and some Latin American countries. The company's main objective is to bring digital technical information, in a simplified and complete way, to all automotive repairers.

SIMPLO needed to make a platform migration with a more current language, which would guarantee the security of all information and the agility in internal processes. Thus, the company could grow in a more planned way.

For the development of the entire platform in a web version, we initially focused on understanding the company's business rules and processes. We use the agile methodology, which delivered a fragment of the software for each client to evaluate in each fifteen-day Sprint, aligning the communication in an accelerated way, with our development team.

Magnum Gobbi CTO "We wanted to migrate from our old platform to a current language that would enable the company to grow safely. So we developed this work with Ubistart to achieve this goal." (Magnum Gobbi - CTO at SIMPLO)

By understanding the business rules, we are able to transition platforms in a healthy and planned manner. We use a cloud service with data and traffic encryption, access control and multi-layer application for the API. We also made constant security updates through Microsoft's own AZURE cloud service. For language / framework we use .Net for Back-End and Angular.js for Front-End, enabling future improvements, since they are easy to maintain and apply.

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