UBISTART serves companies that seek to modernize their tools and automate their processes by developing custom systems. We are a software company that creates customized solutions, such as portals, systems and corporate web portals, mobile applications and, all using agile methodology as a tool.

Services we offer

Understand the main services we offer for the development of software solutions

Planning and Software Development

Develop your software project with us. We use an effective project planning method, so that you can make your software solution viable. Be it an App, system or marketplace.

Squad Allocation for Agile Projects

Hire a team to build applications, portals, systems, and cloud migration. All this uniting the good practices of UX/UI Design and Agile software development Methodology.

Developers Outsourcing

With a culture analysis process, behavioral profile and technical interviews, we allocate great professionals to integrate your development team and accelerate software deliveries.

Support and Improvements

ICount on Ubistart to develop adjustments, improvements or new scopes for your software solution, whether it is developed with us or is already an existing project.

A digital company

We are a company that was born in the digital culture and that creates solutions based on a methodology that combines intense business analysis, experience design and implementation of the latest development methodologies. With 60 employees in its team, Ubistart delivers services such as digital product planning, agile squad allocation, developer outsourcing and project support.

Sao Paulo
Porto Alegre
Porto Alegre

Customers served

Innovation in line with the results.

We have a development methodology in line with the necessary strategy so that your application has the expected success.


Project Agile Management

We combine agile methodology with our experience in managing projects and software products.

Cutting Edge Technology

We use the latest and most secure technologies for the development of digital solutions.

Thought to Scale

Our planning process already aims at structuring solutions to be scalable.

Security and Cloud

Our cloud expertise enables even greater security when creating platforms.

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