Our Methodology
for Development

Understand how Ubistart develops software on demand for closed scope. We help from companies that want to make a new digital business viable to corporations that seek to optimize processes or create new digital channels to reach even more their customers.

Planning and UX Design


Project Planning for Budget Accuracy

The first step in the development of a project at Ubistart consists of a 30- to 45-day plan, with interactions by three professionals in the areas of business, UX design and technology. At the end of this service, we deliver a technical report on the feasibility of the solution, with assumptions and risks of the project, scope, technologies for the software, necessary staff, schedule and investment. In addition, the client also receives a layout proposal, with 8 to 15 screens, of the application.

Building the Software Application


Planned Software Development (App, System or Marketplace)

With the end of the planning stage, a multidisciplinary team with expertise in UX / UI design, requirements analysis and team management begin the development. We use the Scrum AGILE model to create apps, systems and web portals. Every 15 days, we run the cycle of interaction and structuring of scope / backlog, defining the expected functionalities and enabling our client to receive fragments of the total solution.

Support and Improvements


Support for the developed application with contracts of 44h to more hours/month.

After completing the software projects, we support our customers with allocated teams, to assist them in improving and adjusting the already developed platforms and legacy systems. We have individual hours plans for development professionals until the allocation of an agile team, with UX / UI designer, Business Analyst and developers to support solutions improvements.

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Technologies and applications

At Ubistart we use the technologies in a surgical way, as we understand that each project has unique characteristics. Below we present the languages and frameworks in which we have already worked and we have expertise.


Mobile Apps

Apps in hybrid or native technologies, meeting business needs and opening new channels with customers and digital companies.

Web Systems

We develop systems for process automation, automation of repetitive tasks and provide management with a complete view of your company.

Portals and Marketplaces

Corporate intranets and marketplaces for new business opportunities, where there is a demand for high agility and innovation in such environments.

Cloud Migration

We transform obsolete and difficult to maintain systems into modern and scalable solutions through the migration of legacy systems to the cloud.

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